Sunday, December 17, 2017

Attacking Robert Mueller, a Bad, Bad Republican (How Dare He Be Apolitical?)

For weeks now, the anti-Mueller campaign has been growing. There's no there there, but Trump's minions will to anything to discredit him. Is an attempt to fire him is store?

They hired Robert Mueller because his reputation is impeccable. So how do
they go about destroying him? Not hard for the truth-challenged Trump GOP.

Problem: Robert Mueller has obtained thousands of emails sent by the Trump transition team, almost certainly legally. Solution: Claim, wrongly, that he obtained them illegally. Trump team for the win!

Others, like experienced prosecutors, disagree.

Hard to tell how this ends up, but I've got a feeling that the Trump legal team has made a mash of everything so far, so it's unlikely this will do much beyond adding to the drumbeat, which grew louder in Washington these past two weeks. The GOP attack machine is just only getting revved up.


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