Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Alt-Right, Please Please Please Invest in Bitcoin (Did I Say Please?)

Okay, someone invented a secure code for an alternative currency. That's like saying "I'm not investing in gold ever ever again, I'm investing in platinum, I'm so brilliant. Except, hmm, it's not a thing, it's, hmm, code. But I'm brilliant!" Er, do it do it do it.

Above: fascist, white nationalist motherfucker. His name? Who cares? Buy bitcoin!

Yes, you guessed it. I think -- have thunk a while now -- that bitcoin is the tulip du jour. Now read of the fascists' erstwhile dream:
After Charlottesville’s bloody Unite the Right rally in August, technology companies tightened rules against hate speech and banned many extremists from using Web hosting services, social media platforms and online payment systems.
But some on the farthest edges of the political spectrum soon found an effective tool for thwarting this industry crackdown: bitcoin.
I've been into technology for over forty years and think of innovation as powering the future. (Well, who doesn't?). But I wouldn't buy bitcoin if it was called, er, I don't know, Apple?

Please, fascists, explore the alternative universe of alternative currency. PLEASE. Then go blow yer bubbles.

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