Friday, March 11, 2016

OMG, the GOP Was Civil, and Full of Crap

According to the Washington Post, last night's Republican debate had winners and losers, which, I suppose, is true if by that it meant that one guy's bullshit exceeded the others.

Awwwh, GOPers, why so glum? Your fans are buying your bullshit.

The civility fest that was the most recent GOP debate featured more than civility. It featured four people who spun fairy tales that none of the rest challenged. Progress!

The fact-checking in the Media Matters post is helpful. So is this overview provided by's Ezra Klein.

Since John Kasich is passing himself off as the experienced Republican mainstreamer who went to Washington in the 1990s to teach the place about budget surpluses, here's a special post dedicated to his bullshit.

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