Friday, March 11, 2016

Hey, GOP: Please, Please, Please Nominate Donald Trump

The Republican elite are hard at work trying to dump Trump. They aren't succeeding.

Trump supporter punches protester, cops handcuff victim. Trump's America?

Liberals like me (read human beings who actually remember the Golden Rule) have been entertained and outraged by the Donald Trump campaign, not the least because of the possibility of its success. Now, as his rallies escalate in violence and hatred, aided and abetted by the candidate himself (as well as his staff and his Secret Service protection), I find myself wanting to see him punished in some way. Inciting violence is not an actual criminal offense unless it produces imminent lawless action, which is hard to prove. In fact, it must lead to this imminent lawless action in order to be considered outside of 1st and 14th Amendment speech protections. Yet, Trump has made clear his views on how to handle protesters at his rallies.

Sounds like protected speech, as horrid as it is.

Then, on the other hand, what better way to see him -- and the political party that enables him -- punished than to hope for him to succeed in his quest for the Republican nomination for president. With the amount of ill-will he's amassing along the way, as well as the YouTube and other paper-like trails that he's laid out, he will be quite easy to defeat.

I feel better now. Early polls often don't reflect reality later in an election year, but how does Trump improve his numbers the more the electorate gets to know him? Not easily.

Also, in spite of the voter ID laws his GOP cohorts have passed in an attempt to disenfranchise minority and other classes of Dem-leaning voters, Donald Trump will end up the poster child for energizing the opposition at the polls in November.

Please, please nominate him, GOPers. I can't wait to participate in his defeat. I will drink a whole bottle of Veuve Clicquot myself on election night. Okay, my friends can have some, too. They'll have earned it.

Donald Trump showing his empathy toward the average chump.

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