Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wall St. Journal: Fiorina Not Truthful. Is She Finished? Of Course Not!

Carly Fiorina, smiling sometime before or after her whoppers.

I was surprised how many people called out Carly Fiorina for her dissembling -- that means lying, put nicely -- about fetuses and stuff during the debate. A lot of people chimed in. When the Wall Street Journal reported her deception, that somewhat cinched it.

Cinched what? That she lied? Uh, yeah. But did it cinch that she would need to abandon her campaign in disgrace? Of course not. Lying, even when everyone points it out, remains, in our world of journalism, a he-said-she-said proposition.

So, Carly, lie on! Good as gold! Hard-nosed liar, ready to take on the Donald, ready to lie repeatedly, maybe daily, about Hillary! Good on ya, girl. Pit bull material! It's your M.O.!

For example, she lied her ass off in her remarks about Syria, but she did it so confidently that, hell, it must be true! Here's Politico:
Carly Fiorina: “The reason it is so critically important that every one of us know General [Qasem] Soleimani’s name is because Russia is in Syria right now because the head of the Quds force traveled to Russia and talked Vladimir Putin into aligning themselves with Iran and Syria to prop up [Syrian President] Bashar al Assad.”
Fiorina was referring to the late July visit to Moscow by the chief of Iran’s Quds Force, a special forces unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, in violation of a United Nations-imposed travel ban. She also worked in a jab at Donald Trump’s mixing up of the Quds Force and the Kurds during a recent interview with Hugh Hewitt, one of the moderators of tonight’s debate.
But the claim that Iran orchestrated the deployment of Russian forces to Iran’s ally in the Middle East appears to be based on a single unnamed source cited by the Israeli news site,7340,L-4699809,00.html that has not been independently verified.
Russia has also had long-standing ties to the Syrian regime and been a primary provider of arms to the Syrian army in its four-year war against a series of rebel and Islamic terrorist groups.
Substantiated claims? Who needs them? Not GOP candidates named Carly...

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