Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ruth Marcus Says It's Okay to Stop Talking about Hillary's emails. Alrighty Then.

DC pundit policewoman Ruth Marcus: We're bored with all this email stuff, okay?

The Great and Powerful Ruth Marcus has spoken: We can ditch the email story and talk about policy:
A good deal of this is the candidate’s own fault — her decision to wipe the server, her prolonged insistence that she did nothing wrong — and could have been mitigated had she adopted a different tone and strategy at the start.
But much of it is the product of a 24/7 political and media culture that, once it gets itself spun up over something, has a hard time distinguishing degrees of culpability.
The irony here — the hypocrisy, if you’re feeling less charitable — is that throughout the Summer of E-mail, Clinton has been churning out the kind of serious policy proposals, on everything from college affordability to substance abuse to renewable energy, that we in the media purport to want from candidates.
Yes, Ruth, Hillary has been churning out serious policy proposals, and so has Bernie Sanders. What's missing from the policy discussion is the input of any consequence from the Republican side. Most GOP candidates offer thin gruel on their websites. Okay, Jeb Bush this week actually presented his tax-cut proposal. But that's not an actual policy position. One, it's an offer of tax cuts from a Republican in order to spur gobs of economic growth. Two, it also has those "unspecified loopholes" that he'll plug, once he gets around to saying what they are, something Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan never did, but, hey, that's what Republican candidates do, offer tax cuts and never really getting around to what they really mean except, as Atrios would say:
  1. Tax cuts!
  2. ???
  3. Everyone is rich!
 The truth is that the national debt would balloon by $3.4 trillion or we'd need to cut, oh I don't know, Social Security? Medicaid and Medicare? Obamacare? You know it's not going to be defense spending.

So, to sum up:
  1. Ruth says stop with the emails and pay attention to Hillary's policy proposals because she's put out a boatload of them.
  2. We're still supposed to remember Hillary was so wrong about the email, even if it's seems that maybe she didn't do anything wrong at all and this is a faux scandal. Ruth says faux scandals and how you handle them is a character issue, and Hillary has a flawed character because she didn't do anything wrong except the way she didn't do anything wrong was wrong. Wow, that's sort of it, isn't it?
  3. Okay, I did sort of go on a rant about Jeb!'s tax cut proposal because we all know it's a payoff to his rich buddies (and himself) and was TOTALLY EXPECTED and then he did it. And this makes him special, uh, how?
Remember the rule with Bushes is: Don't do what Poppy did -- raise taxes -- or you'll lose a presidential election, maybe even to a Clinton.

Yes, Poppy, we did read your lips.

 Bonus comment from Ruth Marcus article:
8:11 AM PST
Ruth, Hillary is a liar and under criminal investigation by the FBI recommended from 2 impartial inspector generals. Why would you want someone with that cloud for president. Ruth I believe you and many of your Demorat idiots will vote for Hillary while she is serving 3 to 5 in San Quentin
Sheesh, Dude can't even spell his own handle.

Final thought: Ruth has spoken, but do you think the email (non-)scandal will end now?

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