Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Jeb! Tax Cuts: Same as the Old Tax Cuts. $3.4 Trillion Added to the Debt.

Whaddya mean my tax cuts didn't work? They worked for my people.

Finally some real policy ideas out of Jeb Bush, and what do we get? Tax cuts, mostly for business and the wealthy -- with just enough tax credits for the poor to bamboozle the plebeians -- that will explode the debt. Of course, there's the voodoo magical reasoning that tax cuts will grow the economy by letting loose the power of the job creators, which, er, never happens, but whatever.

That's a giant whatever. Read about it at Daily Kos, and read about it at Paul Krugman's joint. Hell, even the Washington Post couldn't find much to like:
The plan would add $1.2 trillion to the deficit, even when using a system favored by Republicans that takes into account any potential growth the tax changes could encourage, according to Republican economists who reviewed the plan on Bush's behalf. The plan would lose closer to $3.4 trillion using traditional methods.
Given the high price tag and some of the details, Bush's tax plan is fraught with political peril. His brother, former president George W. Bush, focused much of his 2000 presidential campaign on plans to slash taxes and jump-start economic growth. Those tax cuts contributed to the record deficit spending that even Jeb Bush criticized Tuesday night on Stephen Colbert's new late-night talk show. In 2012, GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney had similar ideas on tax reform that were widely dismissed by voters, who believed he was pushing policies that would mostly help wealthy people.
New bullshit, same as the old bullshit. We get that. But what's Jeb's point, that he can walk and talk like Mitt Romney and then lose like Mitt Romney?

Don't Republicans EVER have an original thought?

I'm a Bush son. Whaddya expect? Look what happened when Dad raised taxes.

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