Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ahmed in Texas Builds a Digital Clock. Adults Around Him Go Insane.

I assume that during the hours the clock was at school before Ahmed was arrested,
someone would have figured out there were no explosives in the case. Or not.

Enough is enough.
Posted by Sarah Palin on Sunday, September 20, 2015

Kyle Smith of the New York Post decided a kid named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for show-and-tell with a digital clock for proper reasons. His brown skin and his name had nothing to do with it. Instead, we should sympathize with all the white kids mistreated by zero-tolerance polices. Hey Kyle, don't you think zero-tolerance policies are one of the problems to be addressed? Don't you think that living in a town with a mayor who made her name saying she'd stand up against Sharia law being imposed on Texans might be another part of the problem? (The mayor, Beth Van Duyne, later stood by school officials and the police.)

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