Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Do Republicans, As a Tribe, Reject Man-Made Climate Change?

The opposite must be asked: Why do Democrats, by and large, believe that climate change is man-made?

A final question (it's not surprising that Independents are somewhere in the middle, so forget that) is why do the scientists overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party's view?

Here's a Pew poll on Catholic viewpoints. And, naturally, Catholics break down along party lines.

My view of this phenomenon has always been that:
  • Republicans favor business, and assuming that climate change remedies might be bad for business, Republicans can't accept the truth about climate change because accepting it would be "bad for business."
  • Republicans are more strident -- and traditional -- in their religious beliefs and accept that climate change is God's will. And since climate change might bring on the end of days, it's, er, really God's will. As it was prophesied. 
  • Republicans are the more anti-intellectual party.
Whatever. It's weird that it breaks down along party lines. Just weird.

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