Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The GOP Field Gets Trumped!

The Donald touted his net worth as a sign he'd make a great president.

I must say if anyone can put the clown in the GOP clown car it's the Donald. Make no mistake, he is -- in spite of his serial bankruptcies -- a very wealthy man. He's not boring, he's actually quite entertaining, and I suppose he has a fun reality TV show, though I've never watched it.

But, seriously, would he make a good president? As John McEnroe would say, you CAN'T be serious! And why?

Presidential? Timber!

But don't take my word for it. How about Dana Milbank?

Also in WaPo is Philip Bump. Do read the comments, too. One said the Donald will make the rest of the Republican candidates look positively normal. Imagine, someone making Dr. Ben Carson look normal.

Over at Politico, they've chosen the best ten lines from Trump's announcement speech. They are doozies. Also, they've included the video of the whole speech, if you want to toss 47 minutes of your dear life in the trash. Maybe you do. He is funny, I'll grant him that.

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