Sunday, June 28, 2015

Again, We Say That This Is Barack Obama's Greatest Speech. Again, We Say...

No, really, this time it's really the best.

Being on the road, I actually lucked into hearing the vast majority of Barack Obama's eulogy for Clemental Pinckney in real time. It was on the radio, and I began to drive aimlessly so I didn't arrive at my destination before it was over. I was mesmerized. Obama is not only a master, but his words and sentiments hit home, with the added power of the truth.

Here it is, in its entirety:

James Fallow of Atlantic wrote perhaps the best deconstruction of what he, too, thought was Obama's best oratory. Read it here.

We don't have to agree with all his actions as president -- I haven't -- but the case that he is among the most consequential presidents is beyond dispute, I feel, and this from echos my sentiments, but before the Charleston eulogy.

I don't say this or reference these pieces to build up the man. He has done it before our eyes. Much as FDR went off the rails in trying to control the Supreme Court and LBJ blew much of his legacy in trying to win a war that should never have been fought, Barack Obama has had his failings. But much as FDR and LBJ are in the pantheon of the greats, so shall be Barack Obama.

He has guided the ship through troubled waters, without much help, and he did so with grace.

Some didn't like him, never accepted him. Too bad. He's won, for all of us. Good.

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