Thursday, June 11, 2015

McKinney Video Kid: Was It a Police Riot?

Brandon, the kid who shot the McKinney video that brought down a cop's career -- however temporary that might be -- has an interesting take on what happened that day.

It sounds very much like the "police riot" we saw at the Chicago Democratic Convention in 68, as well as the Ferguson riot that started out as essentially a police riot. Horrifying but typical. In the McKinney case, it appears to be a one-man police riot. No wonder he resigned nearly immediately.

I'm not one who believes all cops are bad -- though we didn't like "the man" much back in the 60s -- but we do have to question a culture that gets its back up if you "disrespect" them. If you do disrespect them, they throw you on the ground, maybe beat you and, occasionally, shoot you.

There's a better way, and it should be on display more often. Read these nine principles of good policing from 1829. Figured it out a long time ago.

Police violence happens too damn much. It has to stop. Hopefully, what we're seeing here is a real sea change. Police shootings and beatings don't go unreported anymore, and the people are ready to rise up. It's about time.

Real policing is different from Fox News policing, as TPM was ready to point out.

Police in Ferguson: Getting ready to stop a riot? Start one is more like it.

Time for a change. Past time.

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