Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Never-Ending Heritage of Racism in America

(Update. The officer, Eric Casebolt, shown out of control in the McKinney pool video, has resigned. Police will continue to abuse minorities, but apparently paying a serious price is trending.)

Michael Berry, a Texas native, has a conservative radio talk show on a number of stations, some affiliated with serial offender Clear Channel. If he is any example of what we can expect moving forward as we try to root out the racism lingering well past its sell date in an advanced, evolved country, then we're is trouble.

Of course, the McKinney incident he references is the pool party gone bad -- some say cop gone bad -- in McKinney, Texas.

Racism continues to be a major scourge upon our land and a scar that cuts across the fabric of our civility, our integrity, our message of human rights around the world. How can we call for human rights if the call rings hollow when our own failings as a nation are so plain for all the world to see?

Care of Crooks and Liars, here's Rush Limbaugh showing his callow musings on Barack Obama and race:
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We're only scratching the surface, but when we do we discover that racism is not only alive and well in America but that it's still front and center as what could be called our original sin. Slavery has begotten this, and the grapes of wrath, etc. etc...

Gettysburg: The wounds have yet begun to heal.

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