Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wow, It's the Conservatives That Are the Victims!

Throughout the two years from 2010 that comprised the election cycle culminating on Nov. 6th 2012 with the re-election of Barack Obama -- plus, let's face it, the non-stop birtherism and opposition politics that began pretty much right after Obama's first inauguration in 2009 -- there has been a steady increasing drumbeat of slurs, insults, lies, accusations, and downright misinformation thrown at the collection of liberals, progressives, socialists, Kenyans, and jihadists that inhabit the Democratic Party. Oh, I might have forgotten Ted Cruz's commies.

Now, after the election victories that left Obama in the White House, an increased Democratic majority in the Senate, as well as improved Democratic numbers in the House, it seems that it's the conservatives that are portraying themselves as victims, whether they even notice it or not. It's stunning, actually.

You see, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the host of familiars, toads, and monkeys who support them on Fox and talk radio have devolved into a bunch of whiners. Even Rush Limbaugh reached a crescendo last week with his confession that he was "ashamed of America."

Then he doubled down a day or two later, saying, "I realize that many of you tuned in today wanting to hear more of this. You wanted to hear what this is all about. You wanted to hear more about it, and I haven’t really discussed it yet and you’re probably angry, and I want to tell you why.”

“[T]he left has beaten us. They have created far more low-information, unaware, uneducated people than we’ve been able to keep up with.” He decried that liberals control “pop culture, movies, TVs, books, music” and confessed that “We’ve just been outnumbered.”

Here he is on his show with the full rant, which is utter nonsense, but very revealing, of what I'm not sure, but I have an idea he's trying to justify why his message fell on deaf ears so much this election cycle. Listen:

Now, if you want to get a sense of just how much whining, just how much the conservatives have switched over to identify as the victims of this "libtard onslaught," you should lurk on any Yahoo! News page on Washington politics and read the comments. You'll also see a similarly vivid whiner/victim portrait when checking comments after a Washington Post political story. I spent the better part of the day yesterday sifting through the endless whines, rants, and protests at how the lyin', thievin' Dems who'll say anything to protect "Odumba" or "Obummer" following Bob Woodward's inaccurate story of Obama's "goal-post shifting" on the sequester.

Yep, the dynamic has changed, from what was bandied about during the election by Paul Ryan with his nation of "makers and takers," with the makers deeply embedded in the conservative cause and the takers the crude spawn of the multicultural mongrels that are the liberals and progressives of this world. This meme culminated in the great and awe-inspiring video that revealed Mitt Romney and his railing against the 47 percent, who thought of themselves as the victims that were entitled to everything for free, who never paid taxes, who would follow Barack Obama off a cliff into the sea.

Now the other shoe has dropped, and the conservatives have changed their tune. They now come off everywhere at the whiners, the angry victims. "That evil Barack Obama, who refuses to lead, who refuses to negotiate, who forced taxes down our throats and made us look impotent! We hates him, yes, we hates him, who stole our precious, precious Norquist pledge, and drowns it in a bathtub, does he!!"

Sorry to go all Gollum on you, but these days the GOP are turning into newts and toads who've lost their collective mojos. Can't say I'm not enjoying it.

This sense on the right of victimhood began even before Obama won reelection. It was first heard when Bill O'Reilly offered his analysis on election night of why Obama won, even before Ohio had been called:

Decrying that "the white establishment is now the minority" and that "it's not a traditional America anymore" sounds very much like an expression of victimhood. Bill O'Reilly, like Rush Limbaugh, has had his America stolen from him, and neither of them know when they'll get it back. But they're pretty sure it happened because Barack Obama promised "stuff" to blacks, Hispanics, and women.

Here's a frightening, extreme example of how out there conservative thought can get. Alex Jones, now infamous for his hyper-rant against Piers Morgan, threatening to "go all 1776 on you!!!!", is caught on tape chatting up "they're coming to take our weapons" with Ted Nugent, who himself is a poster child for guns, rock 'n' roll, and victimhood. Because, folks, that's what this NRA gun fury is at the moment: It's a huge OMG, we gun owners, we heavily armed citizens, are the victims of Obama's criminal conspiracy against God and all that is right and true in Merca. If you don't believe me, watch as much as you can stand of this twenty-minute snippet of humanity:

If this is what it means to be a conservative in today's USA, where we've been overrun by socialists ready to steal our money and confiscate our guns and make us listen to real science and drive in fairy cars instead of our F-350's, then I don't want to be a conservative anymore. I just want to move to Texas and wait for secession. Rick Perry maybe has it right when he offered Californians a place to come and pay low taxes. All of the conservatives who hate public services like disaster relief can all move to, I don't know, maybe Galveston, set up a bunch of whiners self-help groups and sit around talking about their big guns and big trucks and big oil and wait for the next hurricane, and then refuse all federal aid. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Or, dudes, you could just chill. Your choice.

Laura Ingram visited with Fox and Friends the other morning and complained that Obama knocks the press corps around so much that they suffer from "battered press syndrome." Catch, please, right at the end where Ingram suggests that the president leaves money on the table and then is gone, as Fox friend Brian Kilmeade concludes with "Love, Obama-style."

Yet again, Barack Obama claims more victims of his tyrannical reign, when really what it is is Laura Ingram declaring another example of "establishment" victimhood. The whining never ends.


  1. The best part of that Alex Jones clip is that halfway through he spends an obnoxiously long time advertising a special water filter for de-fluoridating your water. The whole clip is embarassing and ridiculous, but that's just the cutest cap on it.

    1. Wow. I have to admit I didn't watch that far. I was so taken by the Jones/Nugent interplay that once they'd gone over the cliff it was enough for me. Thanks for alerting me.

    2. Somehow I managed to actually watch the whole thing without having my head explode, and it was altogether amusing and frightening at the same time. Ted Nugent is one of those people who somehow has credibility despite doing nothing to earn it, and uses it for evil instead of good.

  2. I'm a bit amazed you were able to watch that much. Usually with those kinds of clips I can only watch a few minutes before turning it off, and with that one I only got about halfway through.

    But in reply to the blog post in general, this isn't the first time the conservatives have whined and said that they're the victims. They have been complaining about a War on Christmas for what, 5 years now? John Stewart did a great analysis of it where he excellently pointed out that with how much the holiday is already represented in almost every facet of our culture, that the republicans were basically crying about not being able to do whatever they wanted to celebrate, whenever they wanted. (I can't remember if he did it last year, or 2010.) Point is this isn't the first time they've played the victim card so strongly, and it likely won't be the last.

    Oh, and another thing I wanted to mention - it's almost laughable that Paul Ryan used the phrase "takers and makers" so much and demonized those on welfare when he himself OPENLY ADMITTED that he received it during his teenage years and SUCCEEDED BECAUSE OF IT. Way to be a hypocritical assbag, Ryan.

    1. You're absolutely right, I'd forgotten about the War on Xmas. And yes, there's no end to the number of I was for financial aid until I was against it (Ryan)and I was for affirmative action until I was against it (Clarence Thomas). My main point was, uh, to point out that whining is a conservative/libertarian trait, despite the mileage Romney/Ryan got during their (brief) ascendancy.

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