Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Golf Instead of Politics!

Today, let's check out my Achilles' Heel, chipping. I found this Hank Haney video that explains the shot quite well:

Another thing I was struggling with was longer chip shots. My mistake, according to Haney, is that these are pitches, not chips, and they're handled a little differently. (Man, I can be a knucklehead...):

These are related, but different, strokes. I'm headed out today to play a good long course. Hope this helps. I'll let you know.

BTW, I found a great page that also explains chipping, both from short and long grass. These are helpful, too. There's no easy way to embed these videos so visit this page for chipping and this page for pitching. They offer a little more insight.

Happy chipping and putting.

Update. I chipped and pitched all day Wednesday and, although I made progress, I'm still very inconsistent. I'm sure of several things -- one, that I almost always come up short -- the most important of which is to commit to the shot, and that implies the right amount of force and the right amount of follow-through. That and the ability to hit under the ball, which is a form of commitment, too. Worrying about burying the shot in the grass leads to blading it over the green, which really sucks. Anyway, those are my thoughts, which I'll take to the links next time.

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