Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This Is Our Democracy

David Keene, president of the NRA, was the subject of a report by AP via the Huffington Post this evening. This will go good with your morning coffee:
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- National Rifle Association President David Keene said Wednesday he doesn't expect a filibuster from gun rights supporters as the Senate prepares to vote on potential gun control issues.
Keene spoke at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum in a one-hour event moderated by CNN chief national correspondent John King, who asked him if the NRA would support efforts to filibuster and block the votes.
"The president wants votes on these issues. We want votes. There will be votes," Keene said.
King also asked him if the NRA would punish members of Congress who support universal background checks on gun purchases, which he said recent polls show most Americans support, and which the NRA at one time supported but now opposes.
Keene responded: "The answer is yes."
Okay, so that's how it works. Now, gun owners, besides the fact that you can kill people -- or have your gun taken away from you and used to kill or wound you, which is more likely -- it's also the fact that you have absolutely no power in your civic life.

That's all been taken away by David Keene, who, last time I noticed wasn't elected to fucking anything.


Citizens: How many of you like the status quo on guns?

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