Monday, March 13, 2017

Trump Got People Shaken? Viewers Coming Back to MSNBC, Daily Show, and Colbert's Late Show

Yes, Rachel Maddow won't beat Bill O'Reilly anytime soon, but liberals are feasting on what liberal voices they can find on TV these days as CNN slips to number 3 on cable...

Rachel Maddow hasn't bested O'Reilly yet, except in the truth department.

Wow. Didn't see this coming.
Left-leaning MSNBC, after flailing at the end of the Obama years, has edged CNN in prime time. Stephen Colbert’s openly anti-Trump “Late Show” is beating Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight” for the first time. Bill Maher’s HBO flock has grown nearly 50 percent since last year’s presidential primaries, and “The Daily Show” has registered its best ratings since Jon Stewart left in 2015.

Traditional television, a medium considered so last century, has watched audiences drift away for the better part of a decade. Now rattled liberals are surging back, seeking catharsis, solidarity and relief.
Alrighty then. All it took was an authoritarian monster in the White House to skew things toward the left of TV. What will it take to skew things left in real life? Stay tuned.

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