Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hey, Fredo, Wanna Go Fishing?

Paul Ryan was very, very proud and excited about his healthcare plan. That was before it started taking on water. Now he tells people Trump was on board from the beginning, and, and so were a lot of people. Wonder why the change in tune?

On this fishing trip, only one is coming home? Yeah, well, at least in one piece.

Funny how this works. Paul Ryan rolls out his American Health Care Act -- it's very American in that it fucks a lot of Americans -- and now that it's in trouble, he wants to spread the glory around:
Here's where we are. Speaker Ryan from about an hour ago: "This is something we wrote with President Trump."
In other words, let me invite you back on my sinking boat. Ryan went on to say: "This is something we wrote with the Senate committees. So just so you know, Maria (Bartiromo), this is the plan we ran on all last year." So he wants to invite a lot of people onboard.
As the Trumpcare/Ryan bill has endured a murderous three days, there's been a growing move, from various feral and high profile Trump supporters outside the White House, as well as Breitbart News, to say the bill is at least politically a disaster and that Ryan is to blame.
Ooh, snap. Is Bannon making Ryan his bitch? It wouldn't surprise me. More important, though, is that someone is giving permission to Republicans to abandon the "Ryan plan."

For a little more insight, also read Josh Marshall's post on the politics of it. I get a kick out of Josh calling the GOP healthcare plan the "Trumptanic." Ha!


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