Thursday, March 16, 2017

If You Read One Thing Today, Read This about Trump's Budget

A true holy crap moment. If we wondered whether Donald Trump gave a damn about anything besides national security, we can stop wondering.

Trump probably didn't write his budget proposal. I'd be surprised if he's read it.

The Donald Trump administration released its budget proposal document -- non-binding, merely a guide to the Congress, which determines how and where the money is spent -- and, to nobody's surprise, it blows a hole in practically everything except defense and national security.

Here's a good place to see it all in quick order.

There are others I'm sure you can find.

Trump's an asshole. Read this piece by Jordan Weissmann in Slate for a more elegant statement on the viciousness of the proposal. Here's a taste:
It should be said that this is not even a full budget. Rather, it's a “skinny” version that presidents issue early in their first year that doesn't include line-by-line spending details or deal with issues like entitlements. In that respect, it's even more of a glorified press release than your typical presidential appropriations request. And in this case all it tells us is that Trump wants to spend bigger on guns, boats, and bombs, and doesn't care much about whether the planet fries. And yet, while espousing those perfectly conventional conservative values, it's still managed to alienate other Republicans who will be essential to implementing the administration's vision. Insofar as they refuse to go along with his plan, it will be another example of Trump's inability to lead his own party. If this is an administration whose malevolence is only tempered by its incompetence, as Lawfare's Benjamin Witte so perfectly put it, this budget doc is its perfect symbol.
Malevolent and incompetent. Hmm. That's rougher, actually, than what I called Trump. Weissmann basically calls him an incompetent asshole. That's rough, all right.

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