Thursday, November 17, 2016

What a Chinese Climate-Change Hoax Looks Like When It's Actually Not a Hoax

When it comes to climate change, the truth is not kind to Republican climate-change deniers. That's, er, why they deny.

"Holy inconvenience, Batman, that red line is 2016!

Climate change is one of those "if it looks like a duck" realizations. No amount of snowballs in the Senate can make light of what's happening. It also quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, so we're in fucking hot water. I suppose we could always deny the statistics...oh wait.

Um, where did all of the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice just go? Into the ocean, is seems. New satellite data show the total area of global sea ice dipping wayyy below the National Snow and Ice Data Center's record for this time of year.
In fact, Arctic sea ice has dropped well below the next-lowest seasonal extent ever observed (which was in 2012). That year’s all-time record low was narrowly avoided in September, the month when Arctic sea ice levels typically are at their lowest. But the fact that ice levels are lower now than they were this same time in 2012 is part of what makes this latest data so alarming.
Meanwhile, Antarctic sea ice is also much lower than usual at the end of the Southern Hemisphere’s winter.
That won't stop Donald Trump continuing his line that the Chinese have the vast majority of scientists hoodwinked.

That hasn't stopped the Chinese from giving Trump the what-for. In fact, China is ready to go all-in with fighting climate change. They realize it's in their people's best interest to have a livable planet. I wonder why Republicans -- and their followers, gulp! -- are so against our species' survival? Oh, I forgot. The Rapture. Holy crap...

Note. Reality bites: After Ronald Reagan rejected alternative energy sources -- he famously removed Jimmy Carter's solar panels from the White House roof -- other countries profited by the U.S. refusal to embrace the various alternative-energy industries. China easily outproduces the U.S on solar panels, Germany far outpaces the world in solar energy production, Denmark rules in wind power production, and diminutive Portugal has a decent head start in wave power.

Now, here's the real question for the Party Who Hates Climate Change and Loves Oil and Coal: ISN'T THIS BAD FOR BUSINESS? (answer is yes)

Tesla/Solar City's Elon Musk, among others, are betting that new and better batteries will transform solar into something yu-u-uge. Hopefully, they're right and we make strides back in the USA to revitalize alt-energy businesses. Of course, Elon Musk is from South Africa...

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