Tuesday, November 1, 2016

OMG Something Better than Politics? Possible Total AIDS Cure?

Just flagged this on a Twitter account. If true after more testing, just wow wow wow.

Curing AIDS, among other things, will save so much money, time, and resources.

This from an Israeli newspaper:
The drug was inserted into test tubes containing the blood of ten AIDS patients currently being treated at the hospital, and was found to decrease the HIV virus count in the blood samples by as much as 97 percent in just eight days, Channel 2 reported Monday.
The active ingredient in the drug is a peptide, or smaller version of a protein, that was developed by Abraham Loyter and Assaf Friedler at Hebrew University. The peptide causes several copies of the virus’s DNA to enter the infected cell, instead of just one copy, causing the cell to self-destruct.
HIV is currently treated with a cocktail of drugs that slow the progression of the infection in the body but never rid the patient of the virus entirely. These drugs have allowed doctors to treat AIDS as a chronic illness as opposed to a fatal one.
Loyter explained that the new approach is superior to previous efforts.
“With our approach,” Loyter told Channel 2, “we are destroying the cells, so there is no chance that the virus will awaken one day, because there are no cells, there will be no cells that contain the virus.”
Tests in a test tube are different from tests in the human body, but this sounds very promising. Here's hoping...

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