Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Teleprompter Doesn't Stop Trump's Endless Lies

Politicians lie. Duh. But Donald Trump rarely tells the truth. Plus, his views on issues seem to change at a moment's notice.

The Teleprompter only means Trump's lies are written down.

We've known forever that Donald Trump says whatever the fuck he wants to. Because of his propensity for both exaggeration and outright lying, the truth is only occasionally touched upon.
As Amanda Marcotte noted on Salon already his entire speech was riddled with blatant well-known lies. Trump lied about Clinton being a bigger liar, he lied about starting off “with a small loan” and building a $10 billion  business, he lied about Clinton’s server being hacked by foreign governments, lied about multiple aspects of her immigration policy, lied about Benghazi, lied about his own support for the Iraq War… the list went on and on...
Plus, reporters have already started collecting Trump's "walk-backs," statements he made that he later un-made. Kevin Drum at Mother Jones has an extensive list:
On Friday, Donald Trump offered up this comment on the Orlando shooting: "It's too bad that some of the young people that were killed over the weekend didn't have guns attached to their hip....Had people been able to fire back it would have been a much different outcome."
Presumably Trump figured that this was the "strong" pro-gun position, only to discover that even the NRA thinks it's not a great idea to mix firearms and alcohol. So today he Trumpsplained that he was "obviously" referring only to "additional guards or employees."
This is, obviously, a lie, as even the lightest perusal of his original remarks proves. Nonetheless, the term of art for this is that he "walked back" his comment. If that sounds familiar, it's because Trump has practically made a career of walking back his endless buffoonery. The screen cap below of a Google News search for "Trump walks back" displays it in all its glory.
If we want a president who will lie not only at will but also almost any fucking random time, Donald Trump is our guy!

I've made up my mind, though. I don't want to live in a post-truth world. But, hey, whatever floats your boat.

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