Friday, June 3, 2016

I Go to Europe for a Month and Look What Happens. WaPo Editorial Explains.

Okay, I stopped blogging from Europe because I was too busy eating, drinking, and walking around in a daze looking at culture. So sue me.

When Europeans look at Trump, they see the right-wing fringe
infesting their own countries because of terrorism and migration.

(Updated below.)

Today the Washington Post editorial board decried Paul Ryan's craven decision to support Donald Trump. Read it here. And read through the comments on the op-ed, too, to understand the depth of negative opinion about Ryan, the Republican Party, and the Donald. It's astonishing.

Holy cow (or something): Michael Gerson, in the same edition of WaPo, warns evangelicals not to deal with the devil:
In legitimizing the presumptive Republican nominee, evangelicals are not merely accepting who he is; they are changing who they are. Trumpism, at its root, involves contempt for, and fear of, outsiders — refugees, undesirable migrants, Muslims, etc. By associating with this movement, evangelicals will bear, if not the mark of Cain, at least the mark of Trump.
This is in regards to an up-coming meeting between Trump and evangelical leaders. Will they, like Ryan, go over to the dark side? Gerson says don't. What will they say? Can Trump manage to drag more than just the GOP down?

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