Monday, November 9, 2015

Epistemic Closure at Work: Trump Lied about Ford. So What?

Okay, you got me. So?

I was just talking about epistemic closure, in which the knowledge of a fact is muted, depending on whether you want to believe it or not. I noticed it was especially at work with Ben Carson. But now it surfaces that Donald Trump fans are quite often under its sway.
As with Trump, some of these outsiders’ most memorable debate moments have come when they uttered statements that turned out to be exaggerated or untrue. And, like Trump, they have played to a distrustful electorate by criticizing the fact-checkers and refusing to acknowledge that any facts were wrong.
So far, it’s working.
Trump, for instance, was wrong in his claim about Ford canceling its plant in Mexico. Ford itself said the deal was on.
But that matters only if you believe them and not him.
“Meh,” wrote a Trump supporter who runs the Twitter account @WomenForTrump. “What does Ford know about it . . .”
Sheesh. We're doomed.

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