Friday, November 6, 2015

Ben Carson: When Grifters Begin to Look Like the Liars They Are

Ben Carson: in the hot seat?

It was bound to happen. Ben Carson, leading in some polls for the GOP 2016 nomination, was caught in a pretty flagrant lie when he claimed in last week's debate that he had no relationship with a supplements firm, Mannatech, when he quite clearly was well connected.

Chalk up one for the liar side. But, uh-oh, there's more! Politico broke the story that the good doctor fabricated his offer of acceptance into West Point, with a full scholarship to boot.

It's only just another lie piled on to the on-air Mannatech one, but as with many grifters they can begin to add up. CNN is trying to chase down some of his more flamboyant claims of an early life as a violent renegade before turning to a life of Christ.

I can't claim to know where this is going, but people so obviously on the grift -- Carson has made millions during this run for the presidency -- do sometimes crash and burn. Many people, let's face it, have been waiting for Ben Carson's ship to sink in a storm of his own making.

I thought it would be his propensity for making wacky statements. I didn't anticipate it would be his membership in the lyin' liars club. Glad to be wrong, as Atrios would say!

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