Tuesday, November 17, 2015

After Paris, Republicans Are Openly Disgraceful on Syria: Bombing, Yes, Refugees, No!

Senator and GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz: the face of intolerance.

There's no question that the Paris terrorist attacks incite fear. That's their central purpose. But if that central purpose serves to incite intolerance and a craving for a violent and deadly response, the Republican Party has risen -- or fallen -- to the occasion.

Shred the Constitution by creating a religious test for obtaining refugee status. Sure.

Want to bomb the crap out of Syria? Sure. Want to refuse any and all Syrian refugees? Sure.

Will this be politically expedient? Maybe. Does it invite condemnation? It has.

(Reminder: Some pages, at paywall sites like the Washington Post, can be viewed by opening in a private or incognito window, using a right click on the link.)

In any event, I appreciate how fear can awaken some of our worst instincts. But the way the Republicans are reacting is utterly contemptible and should openly condemned. Among other considerations, it is utterly un-American.

Or is it?

For shame.

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