Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Degrading of America: The GOP Takes Politics "Beyond the Water's Edge"

"What do you mean, 'Did we think about this before we wrote the letter?'"

In response to the NY Times' report of the GOP open letter to the Iranian government -- in which the esteemed 47 Republican senators schooled the Iranian government on constitutional matters and how they, or future GOP presidents, might renege on any Obama agreement on Iran's nuclear program -- the Iranian foreign minister simply schooled them back

A good summation of the extraordinary event, by which the Republican Party decided to violate the longstanding, fundamental practice that "politics stops at the water's edge," is to be found among the comments to the aforementioned Times' report:
“In our view, this letter has no legal value and is mostly a propaganda ploy,” Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, said in a written statement. “It is very interesting that while negotiations are still in progress and while no agreement has been reached, some political pressure groups are so afraid even of the prospect of an agreement that they resort to unconventional methods, unprecedented in diplomatic history.”

One is hard pressed to read a better analysis of this strange act by the GOP. What it does better than any outraged screams of "Treason!" or "Sedition!" is how simply and calmly dismissive it is, pointing out the immaturity, ignorance, and ineptness for office this party demonstrates on an almost daily basis. The GOP schooled as if they were naughty schoolboys. This isn't treason. It's just embarrassing! A once great nation reduced to this.
Well said. The degradation of America continues, almost hourly. Uh, no hyperbole.

Veep Joe Biden, president of the Senate, chimes in, and, boy, is he (rightfully) pissed.

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