Monday, March 30, 2015

Clown Car Rundown, Person the Fifth: Has Indiana's Mike Pence Just Blown It?

Indiana Governor Mike Pence: Everybody else got to be a dick, why can't I?

Sorry, Mike Pence, but your timing sucked. It no longer matters that you were considered a potential presidential candidate -- I mean, shit, so was Bobby Jindal, you know Bobby Jindal!? -- for ten minutes. That part of your life is over. It ended yesterday on This Week when George Stephanopoulos asked you if you would "fix" your law by inserting language against any kind of discrimination. Your answer was, essentially, "No, we here in Indiana reserve the right to discriminate." Let's look at the video:

Governor Pence, you want to reserve the right for your precious Hoosiers to discriminate against gays and lesbians. Essentially, you're admitting your law allows that, and you won't stop it. Does it stop there? Can you discriminate against Muslims? Jews? Blacks? Where does it stop?

What stops are your ambitions moving forward. Sorry, Mike. You're a relic of the past.

But wait. Leading candidates for the GOP presidential nomination are supporting you, mostly because, as the party of religion, Republicans are, frankly, afraid to be seen as supporting gay rights over "religious practices." Weird, Mike Pence, but you've trapped the GOP chances in 2016 in a cage of discrimination. How will this play out? We'll all stay tuned.

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