Monday, February 9, 2015

Germany Reaches 75% of Electricity from Renewables, and the Country's Not Wrecked

Yes, you can see the turbines from the autobahn...

In the fall of 2013, I went the length -- up Autobahn 1 to Hamburg -- and breadth -- across to Berlin on Autobahn 2 -- of Germany. I got a pretty clear view, and the country looks pretty much like the Germany I saw in 1971-72 when I lived across the pond. And, yes, I saw a lot of wind turbines dotting the landscape, but it didn't scar the view. It surprisingly enhanced it. Knowing that clean energy was so plentiful was almost a giddy feeling.

Also, of course, I didn't have to drive through East Germany to get to Berlin. That was cool.

So, today, when it was announced that Germany had reached a milestone -- almost 75% of its electricity from renewable resourses, mostly wind and solar -- It was a happy feeling.

If Germany can do it, so can a heck of a lot of countries. There's no reason not to get it done.

Put that in your Keystone XL pipeline and smoke it.

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