Sunday, April 14, 2013

Golf Break: Driving Without Slicing

Last Wednesday, my golf drive, which had been a little shaky recently, seemed to completely desert me. It had gotten longer and more reliable, but suddenly, it's all over the place. I wanted my drive back!

So I searched the Web and came up with this YouTube video by Rob Bernard, a Canadian PGA golf pro. It straightened out my game the very next day, and I'm very grateful. Here it is for you:

The most important part of this lesson was the tip to line up one's club at the center of the body, which amounts to four inches off the ball. Doing so made me swing longer to reach the ball, causing me to be further along in my swing with a better chance of hitting the ball square, giving me more distance and less of a chance of slicing. Sure worked for me.

You can see more tips from Rob Bernard at Center of Gravity Golf.

Another video that helped me was this one from Golf Digest:

The key for me here was the technique of waving the club to loosen up one's arms, helping me to relax for suppler wrists and for keeping the lead arm straight. It also helped on my follow-through to stay loose and play through the ball.

Hope these help.

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