Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why Rand Paul Filibustered the Old-Fashioned Way

I knew Rand Paul was crazy, and I admit I thought him a little dangerous -- maybe only in a reality-TV sense -- but it never occurred to me that he was smart. I could be wrong.

I mean, you don't have to even be sane to get elected a Republican senator in Kentucky. Paul's predecessor, Jim Bunning, proved that. So what gives with Rand Paul going all Mr. Smith on us?

That's right, Harry Reid, I'm talking to you!

It's outrageously simple. Before you think again, Senate Democrats, of reforming the filibuster back to its original "gotta hold the floor or the vote goes forward" form, contemplate what that really means. Give it some real thought.

Paul's performance last night in protest of a nomination -- John Brennan's -- that's going to go through anyway had nothing to do with John Brennan.

Paul basically said, "Are you sure you'd want to listen to me talk endlessly? Or Ted Cruz? Or Tom Colburn? How about Jon Cornyn? Lindsey Graham, fer chrissake? God forbid John McCain.

We could drone on for hours, even days, we could get real crazy, real frickin' crazy, you know we could.

This is Paul's Go-ahead-make-my-day moment in the spotlight. But it's also a very effective warning that getting a few more judges through might not be enough to justify revisiting filibuster reform.

Harry Reid, Jeff Merkley, be careful what you wish for. Rand Paul has spoken, and he just might do so again.

God forbid.

Lindsey Graham: I can spin the crazy, too, you know I can.

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