Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Man Who Knew We Shouldn't Have Invaded Iraq in 2003

That man is Scott Ritter. I haven't been able to find it yet, but I heard him on an interview show -- Nightline, The Tonight Show, something like that -- before the Iraq War, and he singlehandedly convinced me the war was not just a bad idea but one based on false assumptions, assumptions he could prove were false.

Therefore, if George W. Bush was taking us to war, he was doing so under false pretenses. Bush was lying to the American people.

And Scott Ritter was the one who convinced me of that. Here he is in 1999:

Here again are Colin Powell and Condolezza Rice in the summer of 2001:

Here is longer Scott Ritter, driving the point home:

So the question becomes "What part of no WMDs don't you understand?" The other question is "How many of you remember the words of Scott Ritter before the war?"

I've never forgotten them. Nor have I forgotten Hans Blix, who, as the last pre-Iraq-War weapons inspector, was the last to warn that there probably weren't any since he hadn't been able to find any. He makes that clear in this video:

The one last character in this farce -- the Bush/Blair farce, I mean -- was Charles Dulfer, who, with his predecessor David Kay, looked for the weapons after the 2003 invasion. Here he is under the gentle prodding of Senator John Warner after Saddam Hussein's capture:

This very recent clip portrays his final judgment quite clearly:

Scott Ritter said it first and best, but Charles Duelfer put the cap on it. Will we make the same mistake in Iran?

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