Friday, March 15, 2013

Ted Cruz Wants All Guns Everywhere Because Freedom

...or if he doesn't, then what's the point of this harangue?

Because, frankly, I don't see the point other than to announce, for the umpteenth time since his election, what an unmitigated jerk he is.

I do realize that he has competition:

Yep, if I was a recently elected jerk from Texas, who wants a LOT of attention, I'd realize I'd have to really get going to outdo the recently elected jerk from Kentucky.

Of course, comments like Rand Paul's don't bring out the crazies. Oh, well, there might have been this comment on his YouTube video:
MrRickywallace 5 days ago
I wish that they would blow up jane fonda with a drone,that dirty slut commie bitch!She was a traitor to America when she went to Hanoi and consorted with the NVA,and she gave away secret information of the prisoners to the NVA.That's treason,and I wished she'd be assassinated. obama is a Marxist because he wants to kill Americans with drones,but not prosecute muslim terrorists in military court or water board them.How odd!I say torture the raghead terrorists, rendition them,military trial them.
In fairness to Ted Cruz, his video elicited this comment:
Once They Take Away Assault Weapons,Then They Will Try Their Best To Take Away Your Hand Guns,Shot Guns,Knifes,Etc! They Basically Want to Strip You of All of Your Rights to Do Anything! It is All About Controlling "You",and Me,That is Their Agenda! They want to Control Everthing You Do! As "True American's" "WE THE PEOPLE" need to Stand Up for What We Believe In,or One Day,You and Me will No Longer Be Able to Even Walk Down the Street Without Their Consent to Do So!
Okay. Guess what territory we're headed toward, gentlemen...

Update. Some of this video from Rachel Maddow's reaction to the Ted Cruz/Dianne Feinstein dialogue repeats some of the above, but the overall clip is exceptional, if a little chilling. It's a must-see. Don't have your children with you when you watch.

Holy crap.

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