Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NRA News facebook Page: A Celebration of Death and Impending Doom

I really don't want to frighten people, but I went to this NRA News facebook page to leave a comment recommending sensible gun safety laws, and I found that quite a few of our citizens are seriously batshit crazy. Seriously. Sample comments there at your peril, but you deserve to know what we're up against. Sorry in advance, holy crap.

Go here. Be sure to check the comments on the individual stories of people using guns to avert crimes.

With my previous post featuring a cogent, insightful reader at Talking Points Memo, I was trying to pass on what the gun culture of yesteryear was and what it has become today. Visiting the NRA News facebook page, I actually had to come in contact with a whole lot of what TPM's reader talked about. I think of myself as being an ordinary man, not more fearful than most -- but hardly tested -- but thinking that I'm living in a world where people exist that thinking those leaving comments on the NRA News, I begin to hope it's different in Northern California's north-bay wine country and more than happy I don't live in, well, any one of a number of southern states, towns, and cities. But who knows?

How did we get here, and how do we fix it?

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