Friday, December 14, 2012

Americans Favor Gun Control. Believe It.

As Ezra Klein reported, Americans' attitudes toward gun control have shifted in recent years to a more pro-gun position, but when asked about specific controls, support for policies that place limits on gun ownership are viewed more favorably:

Now, I favor outright ban of most guns -- with exceptions for guns appropriate for hunting with very strict requirements for training and licensing -- but I realize I'm certainly an exception among my fellow citizens (read the comments on this Yahoo! page). I stand by my view, even if I realize how unlikely it is that a ban will ever be approved.

Look at the list above and ask yourselves: If we favor these changes, why don't we make them? I support them, and you can, too. Let's urge our lawmakers to get this done.

How many more pictures like this do you want to see?

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