Monday, September 17, 2012

Every Voter in America Should See This

Holy crap. This is what Mitt Romney thinks about Americans:

(h/t Atrios)

Let this video go forth and multiply. Romney has utter contempt for the majority of voters. Oh, he lies at will, even in private. (I thought he only approved of public lying.) The lies I'm speaking of are obvious if you know anything about local, state, property, federal, FICA, hotel, airport, and other taxes. In coming blog posts, I'll parse the entire statement in this video.

One more thing: Did you notice that he thought that the people in the middle, the independents, the 5 to 10 percent of the people, were thoughtful? So, by implication, everyone else is, uh, what?


  1. I'm an America ex-pat - for 12 years now. I pay no US Federal income taxes - because of the foreign Earned Income Exclusion, and based on my income, and family situation.

    I think Willard Romney's comments are spot-on - accurate, and well-presented. The only people who will take offense are those lay-abouts and losers who want to remain attached to the Federal Government teat. As Romney accurately points out, such parasites will never vote for him - or the Republicans - anyway.

    1. You strike me as a shallow individual. I lived abroad on a number of occasions and considered myself an ex-pat, as well. I was grateful for the public services I received from the governments of the countries I lived in and gladly paid taxes there, both in the Netherlands and Japan. I was grateful for the health care provided, and the safe and healthy environments in which I lived. I was impressed with the well-educated citizens in those countries that were educated at public schools. I marveled at the roads, bridges, buses and trains and bicycle paths, and fabulous harbors and ports -- built at taxpayer expense -- which made these countries the great economic and cultural successes that they were.

      No, I'm not impressed by your vacuous bravado and condemnation of people who you only imagine. Americans of all political stripes are by and large hard workers. To even suggest that those who wouldn't vote for Romney must be parasites and lay-abouts just says about you that you're not serious and not to be taken seriously.

      I'm obviously a liberal progressive, and I know many very creative, hardworking progressives like myself. I also know conservatives, and though I don't agree with their policy positions, I also recognize that they too work hard. I've been an entrepreneur as well as a public-school teacher, and between my business successes and a modest pension -- and a certain flair for investing -- I'm enjoying a modest but secure early retirement. I don't begrudge the economic successes of most liberals and conservatives I meet along the way.

      The next time you walk down the street in whatever town you live in abroad, I want you to imagine if everything provided by the government was suddenly erased from sight and removed from underfoot, and every service, transportation or otherwise, that you use just disappeared, imagine where you would be and how you could keep on managing, even for one day.

      That you might not be able to see this makes you a very unserious person without much of value in your head and heart. Please take a look inside and around you and reconsider your take on the world.

  2. Hey Stone Soup,

    Since you seem to agree with Romney's blunt and elitist talk -- yes, he was speaking as a member an elite group, the same as the one he was addressing in the hidden-camera video -- you might want to read this Ezra Klein post in the WaPo today:

    Food for thought.