Friday, October 21, 2011

Earth to Republicans: We Need Jobs

The Republicans shot down Obama piecemeal approach to job creation, as they filibustered the separated-out bill to help states hire or retain teachers, police, and firefighters. It's Republican obstructionism, pure and simple. Okay, what's a good Republican filibuster without the requisite two self-serving Blue Dogs helping out. Thanks, Ben Nelson and Jon Tester, for mucking up the Democrats' message.

In an oddball twist, Paul Ryan tells a student that Pell grants are evil and that he should instead work three jobs -- as Ryan maintains he did -- to get through college. Of course there are no jobs, so we're verging on let-them-eat-cake territory.

Paul Krugman points out that the new Republican jobs plan is based on lowering environmental standards. Recession + Pollution = Jobs!

Republican Senator Jeff Sessions thinks the food stamp program has to be cut because it's "out of control." Uh, dude, jobs'll fix this.

Republicans veto every jobs effort Obama puts forth. Republicans want to trim any federal program that helps the poor and the middle class. Republicans want to cut taxes on the rich. Republicans think that more pollution equals more jobs. Republicans don't give a shit about most Americans. Stop me when I say something that's not true.

Jon Stewart makes this abundantly clear:

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