Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do the GOP Candidates Have Any Positive Ideas? That's Debatable

Good heavens. Looking around the Web today for opinions of the Las Vegas GOP candidate debate -- boycotted by Jon Huntsman for some reason -- the one that seemed the least impressed was this commentary by Fox News. Fox!!
All that was missing from Tuesday’s Republican debate was a surprise paternity test. Add that, and you would have had the perfect daytime talk show. Anger, betrayals, savage attacks, shocking confessions and, when Mitt Romney put his hand on Rick Perry’s arm, it looked for a moment it looked like there might even be fisticuffs.
While Power Play holds that tough primaries can produce better nominees, what the Republicans did in Las Vegas wasn’t about deep divisions, but about being too small. At the moment that the persuadable voters of 2012 are just beginning to look at the GOP, what they saw last night looked like a pack of Pekingese squabbling over a bone.
Fox News rips 'em all a new one so we don't have to. Holy crap. Our work is done.

What, are you on drugs? Seriously, are you?

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