Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tax-Cut Tuesday: Let the Lying Begin!

It's no joke: Buried within the brand-sparkly-new GOP tax-cut proposal is the Big Lie, the one that's not supposed to be noticed when you go Oscar-Simpson-style, "Oooh, tax cuts!"

House Speaker Paul Ryan has never met a tax proposal he couldn't lie about.

We knew this was coming, just like the dark after the Sun goes down. With great fanfare, the Republicans announced a tax cut without any offsets because everybody knows when you cut taxes, tax revenue goes up!

But that's not the zombie Big Lie I'm talking about. Josh Barro, crimping notes from Jonathan Swan of Axios, explains how the DOUBLE YOUR STANDARD DEDUCTION! is a big fraud. Most of us middle-class members will get nearly nothing in tax cuts and a number will find their taxes increased. Fer real.

And, of course, there are massive tax cuts for the wealthy. More to come. But read Josh Barro's take-down. Then pay close attention over the coming days and weeks. We'll all need each other to explain things to Oscar Simpson AKA Trump's beloved poorly educated. Otherwise, fiscal Armageddon.

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