Saturday, October 25, 2014

Conservatives Are So Patriotic, They Want to Secede from the Union

The Republican brain trust: They're so patriotic.
Why the Republicans are more trusted on foreign policy -- when we need a war the Republicans make sure we get one-- I've never been able to fathom. Truman and Johnson got us involved in Korea and Vietnam respectively, so the wars-of-choice issue breaks both ways. Democrats don't have a sterling record, either.

But where the Republicans-as-the-party-of-Patriots meme flies off the rails is with their secession talk. Throw in the "Second Amendment remedies" and "I've got this gun if the government tries to take away my rights" talk, and the Republicans credibility goes to hell.

Republicans heave the Party-of-Lincoln thing at us because he was great, then turn around and hate on America because government is bad. Which is it, folks?

The mainstream media -- especially inside the Beltway -- has a fallback position: Republicans are the party we should trust in a war because freedom or something. Of course, the same Beltway press is the first to remind us that Hillary Clinton might have trouble winning the presidency because she supported the AUMF resolution enabling Bush's Wars. Weird, huh?

You betcha. So weird that Rand Paul was all libertarian free-thinker when he said foreign entanglements blow. Then someone reminded him that if he wants the GOP nomination in 2016 he has to flip-flop and say except when we want to go to war, fuck yeah!

Weird? Not really. It's par for the course. a former Reagan staffer says the Southern states should secede because government blows and after all it's "legal." Real Party of Lincoln stuff, there. He even wants to call the new nation Reagan, I guess because the GOP has by now morphed into the Party of Reagan. That's a different cake recipe, don't you know.

Digby at Hullabalo points out the obvious twist to this ridiculous conundrum: The GOP is the new "blame America first" crowd. Hippies, you're off the hook. Move to Colorado and get stoned. Hating on America has a new constituency, and it's Republicans.

Now, everyone go out and vote accordingly. It's easy! Just remember that the Republicans love America so much, they want to leave it. Go figure.

This ancient bumper sticker is no longer about the Hippies...

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