Monday, June 10, 2013

We Spend Money on this Bullshit?

I'm not the first on this, obviously, but, please, can we take a look at WHAT WE SPEND OUR MONEY ON?

Sorry for shouting but seriously, this is an opportunity cost question. How much do we have to spend to catch a terrorist? The point is germane considering the Boston bombers blew up American citizens even though we had this bitchin' humongous, ginormous program to catch them BEFORE THEY ACT. Cool. (Only I guess we did have the ginormous program for years before...)

NSA chief General Keith Alexander. The programs costs, uh, oh yeah, that's classified.

Here, just look at this picture: It's the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. Why is that so bad? Because it's the headquarters, not the only facility. There are probably hundreds or even thousands of offsite sites, but HOW ARE WE TO EVEN KNOW?

Yep, NSA headquarters. Thank god it's the only one. DOH!!

But thank god for our millions and billions we occasionally stop terrorist attacks with our humongous super metadata programs! You know, like when we stopped Najibullah Zazi. Or did we?

Let's raise the NSA budget so we can really evaluate its effectiveness (even though we can't because it's classified), but let's cut the food stamps budget because, uh, we can? (Oh, and because we know how much that costs, uh, we actually know how much to cut, to, uh, say, starve the poor?)

Being American is often expensive and often just plain stupid. But we're safe!! (Oh yeah, we average ten times the deaths from guns ANNUALLY THAN WE DID IN ONE DAY ON 9/11.)

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