Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Disunited States of America

Feeling dysfunctional? Don't worry, the Supreme Court feels your pain.

The Supreme Court has in its latest rulings divided America into the free states (mostly blue) and the unfree states (mostly red). It's also divided our political system into the white-wing Republican Party and the multi-colored-wing Democratic Party. It's also divided us into the discriminatory states and the non-discriminatory states, which will essentially track the red-state/blue-state divide. Also tracking this divide will be whether a state is gay-friendly or gay-unfriendly, is women-friendly or women-unfriendly. A side effect will be that the divide also tracks Obamacare support or Obamacare non-support, which also creates a poor-friendly/poor-unfriendly divide. They also strengthened, with their business-friendly decisions, a nationwide divide between workers and businesses.

What we now have is the start, or re-start, of a new, long, seething Civil War.

Way to go Supremes! In the Fuck Up a Reasonably Decent Country Olympics, you've won five gold medals.

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