Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just See This, I Mean, Just See This

Via Atrios:

Watch all of it. We're dumb. He's not.

Okay. What I mean is that he kicks my tribe's ass. So, I'm a fan.

Oh, and it goes back aways:

Didn't mean to get too deep. Yes I did.

Update. I was very surprised at the hostility -- mild though it was in the old Meet the Press format -- toward Dr. King's civil disobedience, as if his tactics were illegitimate because he broke the law. My, how his image has been burnished since then. And yet think how that same hostility showed up during the Occupy movement:

UC Davis, 2011

Remind you of anything?

Birmingham, Alabama, 1963

Yep. We've come a long way. Or...have we?

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