Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Jobs News: Those Chicago Bastards!

Stock market is soaring: those Chicago bastards!

Yea! Jobs came in reasonably good if you add in the upward revisions of July and August. So, dropping to 7.8% isn't crazy. Unless, of course, your team wanted bad. Then it's all "those Chicago bastards, just how low can they crawl, down with the lizards, newts, and salamanders. Bastards!"

Jobs are still up: those Chicago bastards!

And you know, the Tax Policy Center says that Mitt Romney's tax plan doesn't add up. And everyone who looks at Paul Ryan's budget agrees that the numbers don't add up. And when you look at their Medicare plan, it means that eventually Medicare will end as we know it (you know, the part where you die when you run out of money from your voucher, which is sort of the whole idea now where you don't die because you run out of money. But hell, tough choices! It's the marketplace! Whoopee!)

Our numbers don't add up, of course they don't. Why? Those Chicago bastards!

Sorry, Republican Party, you get to campaign on the numbers you have, not the numbers you wished you had. This week, the numbers look good for America. So your job, Republicans, is to explain why everything is bad anyway. The party of Doom and Gloom! That's gonna work for sure.

Jobs report is good, July and August revised upward. Romney has a sad. Chicago bastards!

I could link to all the conspiracy theorists, BLStruthers as Josh calls them, but I'd rather link to Paul Krugman's Friday column. It doesn't give me a sad or make me cry out "those Boston bastards!" Well, maybe a little. Sorry. Enjoy the good jobs numbers and have a BBQ this weekend. I intend to.

Update. I couldn't help myself. Here's Jack Welch's tweet this morning:

Here's Fox on the warpath. Good news, not on Fox:

Monica Crowley on Fox Business takes good news and turns it into a shaky, political "you see what you want to see, it's really sort of bad" story:

Holy crap. CNBC goes jobs truther:

We've so civilized nowadays...

Can't really pretend to have visited Wingnutistan unless you check in with Rush:

Rush plays a little "trick" on us. He says the jobless rate went from 8.3% to 7.8%, making it sound implausible. That's because the rate went from 8.1% to 7.8%. C'mon Rush, you can be wacky without the tricks, okay?

Have a good weekend, and if you're a Republican, don't worry, some day you'll get the lousy jobs report you want. If you don't just retweet Jack Welch. Cheers.

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