Saturday, July 1, 2017

Trump's Morning Joe Tweet Trifecta: He's Callous, Creepy, and (Again) a Liar

It may be that we'll never get over our "president" being an unrepentant liar, but the creepiness that accompanies his untruths and his callous disregard for all sense of decency calls into question his very fitness for office. But we knew that.

Mika Brzezinski at Mar-a-Lago on the night in question. What bleeding?

CNN's Brian Stetler -- whose job it is to report on the media and accuracy -- tweeted a picture of Mika Brzezinski during her now-infamous visit to Mar-a-Lago about which Donald Trump tweeted his "bleeding badly from a face-lift" remark, and clearly Trump was lying yet again.

Commenters on Stetler's tweet both condemned Stetler's playing into Trump's hands and supported his effort to call out Trump's outright deception. I fall on the side of call-out-the-bastard-always-and-repeatedly because the narrative should be that falsehood is at the core of Donald Trump's hopelessly flawed character.

BTW, Trump's outed fake cover of Time that decorates the walls of several of his golf courses is a near-perfect caricature of his abiding insecurity. What a little phony!

Truth is resistance. Repeat after me: Trump is an insecure, lying phony. But there's a small, pitiable caveat: Trump's M. O. is a feature, not a bug, for his legions. What does that tell us? Something we wish we didn't know about a deeply ingrained facet of our American character.

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