Thursday, June 29, 2017

What Kind of Country Takes Away Healthcare?? (Right, that would be the U.S.)

Through chicanery, gerrymandering, mastery of messaging (no matter how untruthful), and the corralling of white nationalism -- and a helping hand from conniving Russia -- the GOP now rules the roost. So what do they do? Wreak havoc on the government.

The Trump administration is destroying the government -- and the U.S. by extension -- with cuts and curbs and deletions all over the place. It's healthcare that's in the barrel right now.

To help the destruction along, Trump commits a classic manipulation of data. Here's his fake Twitter graphic from this morning:

Trump "gets" it wrong, and Vox puts it right. Plus, if Trump is misinforming by making a drastic cut in Medicaid look like an increase, then what he says the Democrats did is also a blatant lie. Oh well, it was for Trump's base, who'll believe him to the grave. (Oops, they might get there faster under Trumpcare.)

By way of explanation about the data manipulation: If my new lease says my landlord is raising my rent $500 a month, and I pay him only $200 a month more, I can't say, "But I am increasing my rent to you!" and not expect to get evicted pretty soon.

If healthcare costs are going up by 100% over ten years -- and the population in need of help goes up 10% -- raising healthcare spending by only 30% doesn't get you there. You can't say, "But we're spending more than we used to!"

The GOP is actively seeking a way to throw people off health insurance and uses the savings for tax cuts primarily for the rich. What kind of country does that? The GOP answers, "America, does that."

Very bad answer, but true.

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