Thursday, June 29, 2017

Donald Trump Tweets His Way into the Doghouse. How Much Longer Can His People Defend Him?

Many were alarmed that a man as coarse and undisciplined -- especially when attacked -- as Donald Trump made his way to the White House. That alarm is proven almost daily to be prescient.

Oh, would Sarah Huckabee Sanders like to say, "not my job" defending Trump.

Tough luck Sarah. It's your job. How much dirtier a job can you stand? I won't be surprised if we discover soon there's a limit. Not to Trump's reckless and tasteless urges, though.

Case in point:

In short, this behavior is indefensible. Odds he never crosses this line again? Takers?

Paul Krugman put it succinctly:

Sanders put it badly:

For the most part, I've enjoyed the various jobs I've had in life, feeling that I was adding to, not subtracting from, our greater society both here and abroad (Not even slightly claiming to be perfect!). If I were Sanders, though, I'd be tempted to take off the mic and walk, never to look back.

Trump's team will, at some point, start to do that. How many are thinking harder about that today?

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