Wednesday, April 20, 2016

When "Religious Liberty" Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does: How About Child Care Regulation?

Alabama, long before the current religious-liberty craze, deregulated child care on a religious basis. The results have been grim.

Cheap is not better, and "religious" is often a scam.

There are lots of reasons why what happens to your toddler -- during such hugely formative years -- is important. This, of course, is well documented.

To support "religious liberty," Alabama went off the rails when it exempted "religious" daycare providers from state regulation. Read this and weep, and ask yourself why, why, why.

This random site has a nice breakdown of what breaks down in overcrowded daycares.

Yes, this socialist thinks we should subsidize the childcare industry. Unsurprisingly, conservatives think we shouldn't. (Short version: Mom should stay home and get tax cuts!)

Of course, single black moms who stay home are welfare queens that should be sterilized.

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