Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Iran Nuclear Deal Is Good. How Do I Know? Bibi and the GOP Hate It.

Republican Majority Leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, instructs his minions in Congress.

Lots of commentary coming from both sides on the Iranian deal, with one clear message: The GOP is against peace, against any action by Barack Obama, and wouldn't have supported the deal if it were ten times as good. Any Obama success is, by its very nature, anathema to them.

Here's a roundup of facts and opinion:
  • Friedman's not been my fave for a long time, but he got the scoop with an interview with Obama right after the news yesterday. The resulting article is very informative, mostly in Obama's own words, with reasoned commentary along the way by Friedman. Take away? Obama's complex and nuanced foreign policy views overwhelm the entire GOP clown car and, hell, the whole of Congress. What a mind.
  • Fred Kaplan of Slate hits the nail right on the head concerning the main opposition.
  • Dana Milbank at WaPo pointed out the obvious: GOPers like Lindsey Graham and John Boehner condemned the deal so quickly it was obvious they hadn't had time to read it. Credibility? We don't got to show you no stinking credibility!
  • Max Fisher at talks to a nuclear expert who likes the deal and explains why. Best lines in the Article? This:
    "Compared to the deal we could have gotten 10 years ago, if the Bush administration hadn't had their heads up their butts? Not an A! That would have been a great deal!
    "I remember when they had 164 centrifuges, in one cascade, and I said, "You know what, we should let them keep it in warm standby. No uranium, just gas." And people were like, "You're givin' away the store!"
  • No better evidence that opinions are purely partisan than that the Washington Post is deeply skeptical -- while not outright condemning it, to be fair -- and the New York Times thinks it's a great deal.
  • Finally, Andrew Rosenthal at NYTimes gives a rundown of blank condemnation of the deal by the GOP contenders. Big surprise!
 There's tons more commentary pro and con. My gut tells me that Congress will vote against the deal but fall short in the Senate to override an Obama veto. Or maybe they'll wise up and let the deal pass after they realize that, since it's a multinational deal with the major players in the world already signing on, the sanctions regime is all but over already. Might as well keep the deal if the sanctions are finished. But then that would be rational, so all bets are off.

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