Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Arne Duncan Sends His Kids to a School That Doesn't Have to Follow His Policies

Arne: My education policies are for losers, not for my kids.

This is fucked up.
Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s children will attend the private University of Chicago Lab School, where his wife works.

Of course, everyone is free to send their children wherever they wish. What’s interesting about Duncan choosing this school is that it does not practice any of the policies that Duncan has promulgated. It is a progressive school, founded by John Dewey. No Common Core. No evaluation of teachers by test scores. No performance pay.

Duncan attended the prestigious University of Chicago Lab School. The teachers are unionized. President Obama sent his daughters there. Mayor Rahm Emanuel sends his children there.
Duncan: My policies are for thee, not for me. What's not fucked up about that?

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